Your Frequently Asked Questions

Your claim will be run on a ‘no win no fee’ basis-our solicitors only get paid if your claim is won.

You will have legal expenses insurance to protect you against your opponent’s legal costs and expenses (known as ATE insurance) .

Your expenses of litigation-such as court fees and barrister fees-will be paid on your behalf-you will not need to fund these.

Your claim will cost you nothing if you lose.


Any type of organisation – for example businesses, schools, charities, places of worship, sports and social clubs – which use non-domestic energy supplies (gas and / or electricity) obtained via a broker can potentially pursue a claim.

Claims can be made in respect of energy supplies going back at very least 6 years, if not further. You can also bring multiple claims if you have had a range of supplier/brokers.

The hidden commission charged to businesses can run into many hundreds of thousands of pounds.  We will run your claim where the estimated value of commission exceeds £10,000.

We will require some basic information and documents from you.

Our solicitor’s unique energy claim assessment tool (ABCassessor) uses hundreds of algorithms backed by a huge library of historic data to determine whether (i) you have a claim, (ii) the likelihood of success, and (iii) the estimated value of your claim.

You should expect your claim to take up to 18 months to conclude.

Claims are pursued against the energy suppliers and they are fighting these claims hard as they do not want the floodgates to open to mass litigation.

Our solicitors are currently running groups of claims against each of the big 8 energy suppliers.

Your claim will be notified to the energy supplier and it will then sit back to await the outcome of the test claims.

If anyone tells you that these claims are paid by suppliers in a few months-walk away-this isn’t happening.

If your claim is selected to join any current or future test claims then yes, your claim could go to your court and you may be required to give evidence at any trial.

If anyone tells you otherwise then walk away. Remember these claims are being robustly defended by the energy suppliers. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

The value of a claim depends on your actual energy usage under any supply contracts and the level of uplift applied to your energy bills to indirectly fund the energy broker’s commission.

It may take some time to obtain the necessary documentation relating to actual usage.

The uplift applied to your energy biils will not be disclosed by the supplier until a claim is taken to court. We have to estimate this uplift. Whilst we apply lots of historical data to do so, the level of uplift can vary hugely even when we look at the same energy brokers and energy suppliers.

  1. Register your interest here
  2. We will need to check the identity of you and your business / organisation.
  3. We will ask you for a few documents and some information about your relationship with the energy broker.
  4. Within a matter of day we can determine whether (i) you have a claim, (ii) the likelihood of success, and (iii) the estimated value of your claim.
  5. You are then referred to our recommended solicitors who will pursue the claim on your behalf.