BC Legal Energy was featured in the Sunday Time Magazine (30th July 2023)

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The Sunday Times Magazine


Millions of non-domestic energy consumers (businesses, charities, sports and social clubs and places of worship) have used energy brokers to help them navigate the complexities of the energy market and get ‘the best deals’ from gas and electricity energy suppliers.

Consumers EXPECT brokers to act in their best interests and save them money-even if brokers receive commissions from energy suppliers.

Consumers DON’T EXPECT:

  • -brokers to recommend energy deals based only on which supplier is paying them the highest commission.
  • -broker commissions to be concealed within their energy bills. It is the consumer not the supplier funding the commissions.
  • -to have their energy bills increased by thousands of pounds to fund these broker commissions.

BC Legal acts for hundreds of non-domestic consumers against the UK’s big energy suppliers recovering these hidden commissions-including current test litigation in the High Court.

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